Texas Server Systems also performs unique repairs.

Alex Bartonek, owner of Texas Server Systems, has a wide IT skillset ranging from Software Development, Server management, website design/building and the automotive industry.   A referral was made to Alex to repair a Rottler F-65 CNC machine.  This machine’s computer is no longer supported by Rottler.  They can upgrade the F-65 with new electronics for $25,000.

Alex took on the task of recovering data off of the hard drive and *3.5″ Floppy disks*.  He was able to build an industrial PC, install the needed software and configured the machine according to factory specs.  Here is a video of the F-65 CNC machine with the new industrial PC Texas Server System sells along with the machine performing a production run on a Chevrolet block.  Included with the build was an image of the hard drive that will enable the Customer to recover in the event of a disaster.

Alex is also a Software Developer.  We can custom design software for your business!

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